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Hi, thanks for showing interest. First, I want to announce that I’m now publishing my important notes here on the blog. Second, I also created a resource page to give you my recommendations along with my comments on it. Third, here’s what I’m doing now.

Lastly, I want to make it easy for you to navigate through the best materials in this blog, so here they are.

Free E-Book Downloads (No signups required)

In 2019, I spent a couple of weeks creating free e-books to distribute to everyone in exchange for their e-mail. But that Al is gone now. I realized I should remove the sign-up barriers instead so you could just download the books and run away if you don’t want to hear from me again. I realized there was really no need to force anyone into listening.

Otherwise, if you want to hear from me again, there’s now an option to sign up in the download pages.

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Hacking the Lazy Brain

Our brains have outdated software it carried from the Paleolithic ages–it always wants to save energy for later, and will only do anything that feels good now.

If you think you are lazy, think again. Oh, wait. Your brain is lazy and won’t think again.

In this book, you’ll learn how to hack your lazy brain using “lazy” strategies that work with your psychology rather than against it.

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Anki 101: The Most Practical No B.S. Guide to Use Anki for Beginners

I’ve been using Anki (a spaced repetition app) to accelerate my learning for years now. (It’s different now, though. But I still use the same principles.)

Thanks to the awesome guy who made this app, I made it as a top-ranking Board Exam passer in our country.

In this book, I share my hard-earned wisdom to eliminate the noise and help you start without all the unimportant1 crap in the manual.

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Best Articles

  • How to Learn Faster. Being able to teach yourself is the most valuable skill you could, well, teach yourself. If you can just take one thing from this blog, it’s this. This article will show you how to think like a fast learner as well as the specific strategies to become one. That said, I want to make this even better soon, so make sure to leave some feedback!
  • How to Stop Procrastinating (Even If You’re a Lazy Bastard). One of the greatest breakthroughs I had after reading dozens of books on human behavior (and by thinking a lot) is this: relying on willpower and motivation is overrated. Strategies that make good behaviors easy are what count.
  • Note-Taking Methods. I wrote this post a long time ago, and I’m currently constructing a whole new note-taking framework to improve this one. Just this 2020, I’ve changed my perspective into giving actionable advice and mental models, not lists like this. Anyway, it’s still a way to gather feedback.
  • How to Use Anki for Beginners. Anki is a flashcard app I use to learn faster. It has a really steep learning curve, and this article will help you bypass that quickly. A quick note, though: I don’t use this in isolation, but rather in conjunction with the Feynman Technique and memory techniques so I get the best of both worlds. I use a workflow to accomplish this.

I’ve sorted other blog posts by date here.

P.S. If you’re a student from the Philippines preparing for the Board Exams, here’s a guide for you.


  1. In a beginner’s perspective