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Welcome to my site. I write long-form articles ranging from how to learn faster, how to take better notes, how to work smarter, and how to make the most out of Anki. I also plan on making articles about how to think better–it’s a topic dear to me aside from practical philosophy. In any case, your feedback helps me know which topics I should make more of.

In case you’re (remotely) interested, here’s a bit about me.

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I also share some of my important notes and resources to prevent becoming an internet dead-end share valuable stuff I find on the web.

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Best Articles

How to Learn Faster. Being able to teach yourself is the most valuable skill you could, well, teach yourself. If you can just take one thing from this blog, it’s this. (Actually, I’ll make an exception for fighting information overload.) This article will show you how to think like a fast learner as well as the specific strategies to become one. That said, I want to make this even better soon, so make sure to leave some feedback!

How to Stop Procrastinating (Even If You’re Lazy). One of the greatest breakthroughs I had after reading dozens of books on human behavior (and by thinking a lot) is that relying on willpower and motivation is overrated. Strategies that make good behaviors easy are what count.

Note-Taking Methods. I wrote this post a long time ago; it might not reflect my current views. Just this 2020, I’ve changed my perspective into giving actionable advice and principles, not lists like this. Anyway, it’s still a way to gather feedback and get discovered.

The Zettelkasten Method. Aside from Anki, this is the main processing method I use in my learning workflow. The Zettelkasten Method literally turns your notes into an idea machine. Currently, I use Anki for information I want to recall often, and Zettelkasten for ideas I want to develop and write about.

How to Use Anki for Beginners. Anki is a flashcard app I use to learn faster. It has a really steep learning curve, and this article (along with my free Anki course) will help you bypass that quickly. Quick note: I don’t use Anki in isolation, but rather in conjunction with learning techniques so I get the best of both worlds. I also use a workflow to accomplish this.

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