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Hi, I’m Al, the owner of this blog. Nice to meet you.

I’m 22 years old, an Engineer by profession, and a truth finder by passion.

I write about life-improving strategies that you’ll find in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology, and even Business. (Basically, I explain scientific self-improvement ideas in an easy-to-understand fashion)

All my life, I’ve always struggled to find the motivation to do just anything–especially studying.

Why? Because I’ve always felt like success was something only for those who were born with talent. Those born-smart people.

And so, I believed all that’s left for me is to work hard. But screw that, who likes working hard, anyway?

You’ll just end up getting your ass whooped by a lucky bastard who can outperform you in any direction.

But really, don’t you think everyone around you talks too much about ‘perseverance’, ‘dedication’, ‘discipline’, or ‘hard work’?

The worst part is, they don’t even talk about actual strategies!!

So, I started to think “Maybe if I do something different with these people, and something similar to successful people…maybe I could achieve similar results.”

And there’s no better place to look for successful people than books.

Books literally changed my life. (And I know they will change yours, too.)

I thought that becoming a fast learner was all about hard work–but it’s all about strategy.

I thought that becoming a productive person was all about hard work–but it’s all about strategy, too.

Using the strategies I learned from books, I was able to do whatever I loved to do:

Hang out with friends more, play some Skyrim, go to the gym, practice playing guitar, watch anime…

…while at the same time, getting done the things I needed to do. I started scoring the highest in multiple exams. I started getting on top of projects and schoolwork.

I stopped procrastinating. My motivation skyrocketed.

The best part is–all of these were done without working too hard at all!

Fast forward to now, and I’d become one of the top passers in the Engineering Board Exams (out of 2900 takers!).

And due to this, I was privileged to give a talk to students in my College:


Now, as my “real” career starts, I want to share with you some strategies I learn along the way. Btw, I still constantly read books (it’s a morning habit) and read articles related to my content.

If you’ve scrolled down read all the way here, I appreciate you for doing so.

Now then, it’s time we talk about YOU.

What are your biggest challenges in learning?

What are the biggest obstacles in your journey to becoming more productive?

Let me know and I’ll answer them for you.

If you have any further questions, or would like to say hi, you can contact me through my contact page.

Thanks a lot for your support! You can start reading my articles here, or sign up for my newsletter by clicking here. (I’ll send you a FREE book, too!)

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