About this website

I created this website with a vision of teaching students worldwide a better way to study through ideas that I gathered from books written by incredibly qualified authors especially in the field of Psychology and Neuroscience.

No more mindless regurgitation.

No more “I forgot”.

No more “I’m not intelligent”.

No more “I’m not motivated enough”.

…and most importantly, No more “I put a lot of effort in, but I got low grades.”

About me: Not in the Third Person

“Studying is boring, it’s a waste of time. In the first place, why put in the effort if you’re not even smart enough to accomplish anything?”

Those were my exact words back in college.

…until I learned that everything I thought about studying was just plain wrong.

It’s really unmotivating when you’ve tried putting in the effort–but some random dude in your class blew you out of the water without even lifting a page.

It’s really boring when you’re just always feeling lazy…even though you really wanted good grades.

You never seem to get motivated, and you’re glued on to an endless cycle of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Don’t forget YouTube memes, too).

“Motivation didn’t even remember to pay me a visit…just where is that bastard?”

I got tired of that shit.

So, here’s my story.

I was an average student back in college.

I HATED going to school. It’s no surprise that I failed some courses, passed a few; I did not do very well in any of them.

However, one day while I was on my way to school…a miraculous thought came into my mind.

It was during my last year in college when I got into reading personal development books. These books were mostly recommended by young, successful entrepreneurs.

Because they were young and successful, I immediately thought they knew something I didn’t. (It’s because they were mostly scams, but hey, I learned about better books)

I read a book for a couple of minutes before going to school—that was my morning routine. I wake up, read a book, get ready, then drive to school.

“You don’t need a degree!” was my motto back then.

Then, while I was driving, I had a Eurika Ureeka

An extremely powerful AHA moment.

“Why should I copy what everyone else does if I wanted a different result?”

That thought resonated with me a LOT.

Luckily, the “entrepreneurial mindset” kicked in, you know, that “Never give up, never too late” mentality.

“If I really wanted to become successful, I might as well try to become successful in my studies. It’s never too late, I might be able to redeem my past failures.”

“Maybe, these ‘Geniuses’ and ‘Smart people’ are just different in the way they think. Maybe they were INSTINCTIVELY using strategies that I did not know.”

“Maybe they’re not that special, and that they actually WORKED towards their goals. Maybe I’m not special, too and has to do the same.”

And so, my journey (wtf this literally sounds like an RPG) began.

First, I thought that my study habits badly needed a change.

I studied “hard”—I was religiously taking notes, followed conventional learning advice by smart students (Ex: use 5 senses, repeat as many times until it sticks, determine what type of “learning style” you have), reread my notes and lecture materials, but I was NOT getting any results.

I was frustrated.

To this day, I still remember exactly how I studied all night just to get a grade that could easily be achieved by one classmate without breaking a freaking drop of sweat.

Because of that experience, I watched video after video about studying and searched for all the articles I could find that contains actionable information that could help me study better.

First, I only knew about the Pomodoro Technique and the Feynman Technique as effective methods and applied them into my own study routine.

After a week of application, I scored highest in my first quiz (very unusual for me)—not much of a big deal, it might as well be a fluke, I thought to myself.

Another month, and I was ranked highest scorer in my midterms.

Another one, in the finals.

Next thing I know, I was ranked number 1 in our Mock Board Examinations!

It wasn’t exactly my goal; I just wanted to pass.

And so, I thought “This thing actually works!” and I got obsessed with learning about how we learn.

I constantly searched for information, until I stumbled upon books about learning.

Since I was reviewing for the licensure exams, I tried to give them a shot.

The books that I read were: A Mind for Numbers (Barbara Oakley, Ph.D) and Make
it Stick
(Peter Brown).

Upon reading these, I was absolutely blown away by the rate I was growing at the time.

Thus, I always aimed to become one of the top students in the weekly tests.


I was able to study MORE in LESS TIME, so I felt somehow confident that I could actually reach my goal.

So, I experimented with methods over and over again; I have refined my study system for at least 15 times before I was able to correctly apply what I have learned in those “How to Learn” books.

It was NOT easy at all.

Five months and 16 grueling exam hours later, I was able to rank #6 out of 2790 students in the Nationwide Engineering Licensure Exams!

I’m not telling all of this to brag, but rather to inspire.

I was not even a Straight-A student back in high school nor college.

But I tried anyway.

Hopefully, this inspires “average students” that they can achieve anything they want with the right system, and by being 100% responsible with things
in their control

If you reached this point, it means you’ve actually scrolled down read this page.

I sincerely thank you for your time in reading this long essay about someone else talking about himself my journey.

If you want to connect with me, have a chat, give a sales pitch or something, or maybe just a question, you may reach me at my contact page.



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