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Traditional study techniques aren’t only boring, but also ineffective.

What if there was a way for you to learn so much more while studying just a 1/2, 1/3, or even a tenth of your usual study time?

By reading extensively about the evidence behind effective studying, effective note-taking, and revision strategies, I’ve developed the systems that can take your learning speed to the next level.

You’ll also be able to stop learning myths from wasting your precious time!

These strategies that I’m going to show you are the exact ones that I used to go from an average student who didn’t even graduate on time, to a nationally competitive exam-taker ranking #6 out of 2790 students at a 48.9% Passing Rate in my licensure exams.

No tricks, just science to help you learn faster, and remember better.

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Study Math on Your Own

How To Study Math By Yourself: 10 Easy Steps You Can Do NOW

You don’t need to wait for your teacher's instruction to learn Math. If you could understand plain English and have access to the Internet, then you can definitely study Math ...
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Remember what you read

9 ACTIONABLE Ways to Read a Book and Remember It (How I Remember What I Read)

“Why can't I remember what I read?” "I immediately forget what I read." Those were my words back when I was just starting to read textbooks. (That was in my ...
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Note Taking

How to Take Notes Effectively: Step Up Your Note-Taking Skills (& Tips from Successful Students)

Taking notes is quite frustrating. You listen attentively, jot down what you think is important, but then comes the test, and you can't remember anything you wrote. It's a little ...
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Memory Techniques Featured Image

Memory Techniques for Exams: The SECRETS of Memory Athletes (Updated)

Memorizing doesn’t have to be a chore. I’ll tell you the truth. You don’t have to repeat the same thing 2 million times in a row to remember it. But ...
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Study Strategies

Study Strategies: 15 Evidence-Based Methods (That Actually Work)

There’s a beautiful quote that I read years ago that’s actually pretty good life advice. “Give me 5 hours to cut a tree and I’ll spend the first 3 sharpening ...
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Trouble Retaining Information

5 Reasons Why You Have Trouble Retaining Information (Tips Included)

If you have trouble retaining what you’ve learned, whether it be from a video, textbook, presentation, lecture, etc., then you might be making what I call, Intuitive Mistakes. Intuitive Mistakes ...
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Study Break Ideas

Study Break Ideas: 15 BEST Tips To Refresh Your Mind

No one despises taking breaks. But we rarely do them. We feel guilty about it. Mainly because spending more time studying with a “work, work, work” attitude is celebrated, and ...
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Revision Strategies Study Smart

Revision Strategies: Scientifically Proven Methods + Myths to Avoid

Have you learned something so well, but totally forgetting it after a year? That seemingly vivid concept that made you say "aha!". You can't remember? That's fine. Forgetting isn't bad ...
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How to Study Well and Remember What You Read Featured Image

Learn Faster and Avoid Learning Myths (THE EASY WAY)

Have you ever read through a textbook, finished a chapter, only to realize on exam day you really haven't learned anything at all? I had the same experience, too. But ...
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How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Get Motivated to Study using These Research-Based Hacks

We’ve had short surges of motivation before. (sometimes, we just feel like studying) And it’s always, ALWAYS at the start of a “new chapter”—whether it be a New Year, new ...
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