Hi, this page contains all my book recommendations and the tools I use often.

Back then, I included the software service Freedom on this page, but I’ve found a better free alternative, StayFocusd. Anyway, this page will get updated every now and then and my recommendations could vary. (That goes the same for “best” books.)

Reading Lists

These are the books I’ve personally read and liked. However, just giving out the books here won’t justify the recommendation, so I made separate articles for them. You can find them here:


There sure have been a lot of people who influenced my thinking and writing lately. This is my way of giving credit to them. Also, I believe they’re the best sources of information out there.

  • James Clear. I admit I compare my writing to his a lot, but I also realize that his writing didn’t come out of nowhere. He shows the power of his habits more than he writes about it.
  • Mark Manson. He might sound like a down-to-earth kind of asshole, but he’s one of the most awesome guys out there. He’s well-versed in philosophy and psychology and can tell you something about you that you didn’t even know in a not-so-creepy way. Seriously, check him out.
  • Nat Eliason. I resonated the most with Nat since he’s the one I found most relatable. He’s only in his 20’s just like me, and he talks about unconventional stuff. I haven’t posted a lot lately, but it’s because of him I wanted to get more of my thoughts out in the world. You’ll see more of that coming soon.
  • Derek Sivers. Derek is like your friendly neighborhood philosopher who shatters the illusions you created from your deepest aspirations. No, seriously. His life advice is pretty solid.
  • Shane Parrish. I discovered Shane through Nat, and it turns out that his content is one I like to talk about with my friends. I didn’t know there was a thing called “mental models”–I just knew you had to think differently using what you know to solve hard problems (or prevent them). I have a couple of useful mental models for you here in my Drafts folder, so stay tuned.
  • David Perell. David is also a blogger I discovered through Nat and it seems that we three are all on an ever-growing conquest to get your attention away from noisy information, get your shit organized, and just share thoughts that are worth sharing.

They’re all successful bloggers in their own right, and I treat them as virtual mentors in which I model some of my behaviors. I’m grateful these guys showed their work.

My Books

They’re both free and paid–my mission is to solve my subscribers’ problems through my writing, so expect that this list will get longer over time.

In the meantime, check out my published articles or start here.