Best Book Summaries

Wanna read books, but can’t seem to make time for it?

I knew it. Even by applying productivity strategies, you still do not have time to read 52 books per year.

That’s simply disheartening for anyone who wants to improve themselves as fast as possible!

Good news: You don’t have to read the entire book to get the “juice” you’re looking for.

Just read a book summary.

In these posts, I’m going to share with you the most important takeaways that I had by reading different books on Studying, Productivity, Habits, and just general Self-Improvement.

Make it Stick Book Summary

Make it Stick Book Summary: The Truth About Learning Fast

Make it Stick on Amazon: Ironic. That’s how I describe successful learning. We’re expected to already know study strategies that actually work. But then, that’s like saying “you should ...
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Hyperfocus book summary

Hyperfocus Book Summary by Chris Bailey: How to Manage Your Attention in a World of Distraction

Download Hyperfocus for FREE: Hyperfocus on Amazon: Have you ever tried time management techniques, but still not getting any more productive? According to Chris Bailey, author of The ...
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Ultralearning Book Summary/Review

Ultralearning Book Summary by Scott Young: Master Hard Skills, Accelerate Your Career, Outsmart the Competition

Download Ultralearning for FREE: Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional guitarist, a fluent N1 Nihongo speaker, a 5-star-dish-cooking chef, or even an internationally known writer? Or perhaps ...
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How to get better at math

A Mind for Numbers Book Summary by Barbara Oakley, Ph.D.

Download A Mind for Numbers for FREE: Do these sound familiar? You can’t solve a problem when focusing, and only when the exam is over, you realize the solution ...
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