How to Upgrade Your Anki Skills Fast

Stop getting buried in a pile of reviews. Create better questions. Study with less cards. Combine memory techniques. Create cards faster.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a hard time creating effective questions that make information STICK easily to your memory
  • You have TOO MANY cards to study, and you’re just left behind using Anki rather than getting ahead
  • You can’t seem to connect information that you learned from Anki–and you have a hard time EXPLAINING them to others (in reports, to classmates, in essays)
  • You have a hard time remembering lists and sequences because you realized flashcards are actually ineffective for memorizing lists
  • You seem to take HOURS just making cards, when you should only be spending minutes doing it

Worse, you seem to have a hard time finding solutions for these problems.

And you start losing faith on our marvelous app, Anki.

Well, if that’s familiar, then let me tell you…

I was in the EXACT same place one year ago.

It was so frustrating, and it literally made me question whether or not Anki really worked…(it works, don’t worry)

Since I was a fan of reading productivity books, I decided to search for “how to use Anki effectively”.

…and it all changed when I started looking up Reddit, YouTube, and experimenting on my own to improve how I use Anki.

From every piece of advice that was coming to me, I spent MONTHS doing trial and error to test their validity…

I was like a mad scientist desperate to make things work.

And all of my hard work doing Anki experiments paid off. Now, I teach what I’ve learned to other people through my blog posts.

Fun fact: If you type in “how to use Anki effectively” in Google, you’ll see my two blog posts in there. (It’s proof that even Google trusts my work!)

Using the same principles that I teach, I was able to rank #6 out of almost 3000 takers in the WHOLE country in the Engineering Board Exams!

I did this despite being an average student who had very low grades back then.

If I can do it, so can YOU.

Now, the funny thing I discovered about getting better at Anki was that…

You don’t really have to study everything in the Anki manual to become an effective Anki user.

In fact, to use Anki EFFECTIVELY and harness its power…

We just have to borrow principles from other “realms”. 

And they’re not obvious–I borrowed principles from the realm of Psychologists, Productivity Gurus, and Memory Champions.

Using these principles, you will be able to:

  • The MOST EFFORTLESS WAYS to build the Anki habit and stop getting buried in a pile of reviews again


  • Create better questions by undergoing through a simple 3-step process
  • Learn more using FEWER cards than ever before and spend your remaining time doing what you love or with your friends and family
  • Connect what you learned using Anki by doing a simple ‘summary sheet variation’
  • Combine Memory Techniques into Anki so you can learn ANYTHING faster and remember them for however long you like
  • Make up to 600+ questions in 1 hour using simple templates I pre-coded in a spreadsheet

You’d never use Anki the same way again after learning the principles I’m going to show you in my book, Anki 102: Advanced Anki Mastery.

And there’s MORE content coming soon.

For every update, though, I will be raising the price.

That’s a guarantee.

So, if you want to get hold of this book before the price comes up (and before I close this offer), I want you to take action now and upgrade your Anki skills today.

What other people are saying about Advanced Anki Mastery

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- Byungho
Early reader of Anki 101 and Anki 102
"It is about the most comprehensive work I have ever read on Anki and includes vital details not found in other popular materials on that subject.

Al’s book combines the most important factors that could help you create better flashcards.

Everyone wants to achieve super performance in the board exam, and Al shows you how to do it in Anki with great ease in less time."
- Mark
Used Anki 102 to gain an advantage for his Board Exams
“It is a great book to further maximise the use of Anki.”
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Med student from Malaysia
Your book was great--it answered all my possible questions about Anki. Anyone reading this book is fortunate.”
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Engineering Student/Self-improvement Enthusiast from Philippines