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Anki is a sophisticated, but powerful flashcards app that makes use of the most effective study strategies to help you learn faster, and remember more.

I’ve talked about Anki in a lot of my posts, but I thought that Anki deserves posts of its own to cover it thoroughly.

If you’re a beginner to Anki, you can start here: How to Use Anki (Beginner Tutorial)

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Otherwise, take a look at my other Anki posts:

Anki for Personal Development

Anki for Personal Development: It’s not just for school. Here’s why.

Anki is also for self-improvement. You think Anki's just for your next exam? Think again. It's one thing to read academic books and remember important information. Sure. But what I ...
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How to Use Anki: Anki Tutorial For Beginners

How to Use Anki: Anki Tutorial for Beginners

Nowadays, how do medical students, language learners, doctors and an Engineer(me) remember all of the information they study? Yep, by leveraging technology and research on learning and memory. Imagine if ...
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How to Use Anki Effectively

Using Anki Effectively for Studying (Medical School, MCAT, Language, Engineering)

Do you know why Anki is famous in Medical School and Language Learning Communities? Because it’s so damn powerful and effective. One question: You already know how to use Anki, ...
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